​House of Children


Our 6 classroom facility we have designed

  • One Infant classroom

  • One room specially designed for Two Year Olds (Early Preschool)

  • One room specially designed for Three year Olds (Preschool)

  • One room specially designed for Four Year Olds (Pre-Kindergarten)

  • One room specially designed for our Full-Day Kindergarten Class

We also have a centrally located multi-purpose room which will allow large motor activities during rainy/cold weather! 

House of Children Facility


Our playgrounds are safely fenced, properly drained, well shaded and separated by age for safety- with a playground dedicated to our Infants Toddlers. Our playgrounds provide ample opportunity for fresh air as well as physical and intellectual stimulation, with opportunities for creative dramatic play as well as outdoor art! We also, designed a bike path that keeps busy bodies moving!


Our Facility has modern security features in place-

  • Cameras in the classroom for monitoring by management and parents 
  • Security locked front doors and
  • Multiple fire escape routes for each and every classroom