​House of Children

Infant / Toddler Program

Your Infant/Toddler aged child will become a part of a close-knit group. This group will consist of children 6 weeks- approximately 2 years, plus two primary teachers. Your child will remain with their peers throughout their time, learning to bond with their peers as well as their teachers.

The wonderful results of this combined age program structure include life-long friendships between the children, and between you and your child’s teachers. Among the advantages of the combined age classroom structure is that in this environment, we see younger children model the older children, learning by example, and the older children assist the younger children, learning leadership skills and reinforcing their own developing skills.

We believe in scheduled blocks of time for children to explore (at their own pace) the materials prepared by their teachers. This exploration is most effective when the children know their teachers and peers well and are secure in their environment. Research has upheld the belief that when young children feel safe and comfortable, and receive enough dedicated attention (as in this type of environment) there are incredible developmental advantages. These advantages result from a child being free to explore the world around them and can be observed in social, intellectual and physical development. You will enjoy witnessing this exploration when you come in to view our program.

Infant Room