House of children does not discriminate in our enrollment, but accepts children of all social, racial, cultural and economic backgrounds. We assist families in seeking financial support to pay for our programs, and in finding other support services that may meet more of their specific needs.

The organization came to be, due to the commitment and vision of one women leading a team of like-minded, highly educated and dedicated teachers of Early Childhood Education!

​House of Children

As House of Children's Programs expand and develop, the families served will know the peace and satisfaction of seeing their child develop in a safe, fun, and impacting environment.

We believe that the level of quality provided to children in our program is critical to their future success. What each child comes away from the program with, will last a lifetime

This is our reward.

House of Children has a unique Mission...

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At House of Children, our Mission is-

To provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment for young children and families of our community.

To Implement developmentally appropriate practice in our curriculum and in the way we interact with children.

And to reflect God's love for us in our policies, our actions, our attitudes toward our work, and in the way we treat one- another.