Children learn through play. They learn to understand things (literacy) make friends (socialization), make things happen (science), make things appear (art), make food (cooking projects), make things work (math), and have fun doing it all!

We firmly believe that children at the youngest ages desperately need consistency and high levels of training in their teachers and caregivers.

At House of Children, we seek out and provide ever-improving resources to our staff for quality curriculum, competitive pay and on-going training. This improves the quality and stability of our staff and our programming.

We maintain our commitment to you, our clients, by employing only the most committed, and highly qualified staff!

Our Philosophy

​House of Children

House of Children offers a secure and comfortable place for your child to play and learn much of what they need to know as they grow! We enjoy helping your child along that path. With our carefully planned curriculum, emphasizing Pre-Math, Pre-Literacy, Pre-Science, and assistance with the development of kindness, empathy and other socially appropriate behaviors, House of Children provides the stepping-stones to success!