Preschool Room

Preschool Program 

This Program is exactly what your child needs! The chance to learn through hands-on experiences! Our environment and curriculum encourage your child’s intellectual, social and physical development!

[Toddler Program] We maintain low staff to child ratios to ensure your child the opportunities that they deserve as they grow and learn. Many types of children will be integrated into your child’s playgroup, which will help prepare them for the move into their larger world! Our Anti-Bias Curriculum teaches equality, tolerance and appreciation for uniqueness, while our Social Awareness Curriculum guides children to socially appropriate behaviors, among other skills.

Our Developmentally Appropriate "Play to Learn" Curriculum, provides two through six year olds with all of the foundational skills that they so desperately need in this busy and dynamic world.

As Parents of a pre-school age child, you will want to see your child show you his or her "stuff"! And they will! These children are eager to share their new-found skills. We won’t forget the child in them though. They get lots of playtime and plenty of down-time. This program teaches and reinforces social and academic skills, helping young children to develop empathy and leadership skills, and encouraging them to have fun finding ways to use these new skills! 

​House of Children