Parents are encourage to participate with their child's learning experience at House of Children. 

-  Stop by and observe your child playing in his/her classroom.

-  Participate with classroom parties.

-  Go on one of our many exciting field trips within our local community.

For an example:

  • Apple Orchard           Pumpkin Patch
  • ​Raue Center               Family Alliance
  • Classic Cinemas       Randall Oaks Zoo
  • Local Parks           Woodstock Water Works

Play is the beginning of knowledge.

-George Dorsey


Annually you will have the opportunity to review and discuss your child's development with their teacher, or any time you wish, simply let us know.

Our school has many modern security and information management systems features in place and in use. We record our days in writing as well as electronically. We utilize the application, Brightwheel, were you receive instant daily updates throughout your child's day. Effective two-way communication makes it easy for you to keep track of your child’s experiences and their accomplishments, and for us to meet their individual needs.

House of Children offers a secure and comfortable place for your child to play and learn what they need to know as they grow! or House of Children provides the stepping stones along your child’s path to success.

Communication - The Cornerstone to Quality 

​House of Children


Your child's teacher will develop an individualized portfolio, that contains observations, pictures, and completed assessments of your child's development.

Share in your child's day time experiences in an attractive and informative record. This portfolio is yours to keep upon their graduation.


You will not find your child compared with other children.  It is perfectly normal for children to reach their milestones at different paces.  

What you will see, is the incredible advances that your individual child is making as they grown and learn. 

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​Individual Portfolios – Recording for the Long Run

Parent Participation – Fun for Everyone