​House of Children

We encourage parents to participate in their child’s 
House of Children experiences by . . .

Stopping in early at pick-up time to observe them at play,

Attending little celebrations with us (birthday parties, holiday parties, fashion shows, etc . . .)

Accompanying us on Field Trips to the Pumpkin Farm, Apple Orchard, Raue Center for Performing Arts, Emricson Park, etc
It’s exciting to be able to share a common experience with your child. Imagine the things you can talk about! And it allows you to see, firsthand the exceptional connection that exists between your child and their teachers!

House of Children
is more than just a Pre-School Childcare. We are a truly high quality Early Childhood Environment. Our highly educated teaching staff members emphasize the well accepted theory that " A Child’s Play is Their Work"! As children construct, paint, sing, move their bodies, and interact, they are actually achieving developmental successes in areas such as fine and large motor, logic and math, social & emotional growth, language, literacy, creativity and problem solving.

House of Children Programs and YOU!

Individual Portfolios – Recording for the Long Run

Communication – The Cornerstone of Quality

Parent Participation – Fun for Everyone

At House of Children, your child’s teacher will build and maintain a wonderful "individual portfolio". Through these portfolios, we can observe your child’s development and share their daytime experiences with you in an attractive and informative record. This portfolio is yours to keep upon their graduation.

You will not find your child compared with other children, because it is perfectly normal for children to develop at different paces. What you will see, is the incredible advances that your individual child is making as they grow and learn. You will also have the opportunity to review and discuss your child’s development with their teacher, in an annual conference, or any time you wish, simply let us know.

Pre-School With a Plus!

Our school has many modern security and information management systems features in place and in use. We record our days in writing as well as electronically, communicating with parents personally and through e-mail. Effective two-way communication makes it easy for you to keep track of your child’s experiences and their accomplishments, and for us to meet their individual needs.

House of Children offers a secure and comfortable place for your child to play and learn what they need to know as they grow! or House of Children provides the stepping stones along your child’s path to success